Bernie Goldbach (topgold) wrote,
Bernie Goldbach

I'm feeling a like anti-Americanism about now

Living in Ireland during Gulf War II, I feel a little anti-American sentiment. It's a very strong and rather trendy thing at the moment. Some of it tracks to commentators like Fintan O'Toole when he asks questions that challenge American integrity. Other sources could be directed towards Irish who emigrated, did well, then came back. It's like the anti-British attitudes I detected on my initial arrival in Ireland. I've reminded Irish friends that my great-grandparents left a barren existence in County Clare, went to America, found enormous kindness and felt empowered to extend the same generosity to others who emigrated. Irish coming to America got a leg up because of Americans who cared about the Irish. There needs to be some reciprocity here, or at least an acknowledgment of a special relationship.
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