Bernie Goldbach (topgold) wrote,
Bernie Goldbach

Irish competitiveness

One major challenge facing Ireland is Irish competitiveness. Sometime during the past 20 years, Ireland moved out of the third world. At today's rates, Ireland is a rich western country. You cannot have third world wages in a rich western country. So you have to pay people a proper wage.

What matters most today is productivity and infrastructure. So far the management of the €40bn National Development Plan has been poor. Targets are being missed. Work isn't being done to standard.

I personally believe Ireland has become a Nanny Nation because its dependency culture extends from the individiaul to the corporate world, to major industries and into the government. All these people want the tax payers to bail them out when market conditions turn against them.

Companies that are considering Ireland as a place of operations needs to look at the costs that affect the bottom line--insurance, electricity and telecommunications all take a big chunk out of revenues.

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