Bernie Goldbach (topgold) wrote,
Bernie Goldbach

Fifteenth inbound link to Esther Dyson

I found Esther Dyson's first blog entry during ETCON 2003.
"There's no time to start a blog like when you run into Ev Williams at a conference (thanks, Tim O'Reilly) and he offers to help personally to set you up with your very own blog.

As I was saying to the bloggerati this morning, a lot of what I do is stuff I simply can't write about: internal meetings with portfolio companies, corporate regime change, private briefings and such. This blog will be an experiment covering the things I *can* talk about. "

Count me among those who are interested in anything Esther has to say.
Esther Dyson: "Day One" of "Release 4"
    The links that came before:
  1. Evan Williams helped Esther set up her blog.
  2. Ross Mayfield has one of the biggest blog radar scopes around.
  3. Micah Alpern
  4. Stephen Dulaney
  5. Dan Shafer
  6. Ted Leung
  7. Sam Ruby
  8. thomas burg
  9. Robert Scoble
  10. Jim Bassett
  11. Cory Doctorow
  12. Doc Searls with picture.
  13. Corante
  14. Frank Paynter

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